App Store Apps Make More Money Than Android Apps [STUDY]

App Store Apps Make More Money Than Android Apps [STUDY]

According to a recent survey, Android developers are making much less than what iOS developers are. The reason for this could be many. However, the most probable reason is piracy.

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According to a report from Skyhook and the Yankee group, the sales of apps of different platforms are increasing with each day and a single consumer is buying about 40 apps every year. Nevertheless, this number does not mean that apps on iOS and Android are selling off at equal rates with Android users buying lesser apps than their competitor’s users do.

When Android developers were asked about the reason, their main claim was piracy and the company(Google) not doing anything about it. Seventy-five percent of the developers say that illegal downloading is one of the biggest factors which affects their revenue by not only destroying existing customers base but also increasing operational costs due to heavy loads imposed by pirated copies..

Piracy problems are not coming up in the industry for the first time. They have always eluded developers with serious revenue over the time. All major developers have to face this problem and WILL until someone take serious measures to stop it.

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