Top 10 Video Games That Impacted Gaming

Top 10 Video Games That Impacted Gaming

Every new dawn brings some improvements in the video games industry and therefore we have had a variety of options when we think about video games that had a strong impact on gaming. Although new games come with best features and interesting story lines yet we mustn’t forget the previous ones that impacted gaming in a true sense. Today, I am going to highlight the Top 10 games that totally changed video gamers’ choice and video game industry to a great extent.

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10. Everquest

everquest, everquest game

Everquest was a game that provided the real definition of massively multiplayer online as it was first of it kind. It offered a base to MMO’s(massively multiplayer online) developers so many used it for designing new video games and thereby got high profits. You have seen a number of games which are inspired from this video game and sometimes the developer copied the complete interface of it so you hardly notice any change. It is possible that some people may not like this game but they should never deny that it is still a blueprint or launching pad for new MMOs.

9. Final Fantasy VII

final fantasy VII, final fantasy VII game

If you had a Playstation in the mid-90’s then surely you would have an idea about this terrific role playing game. The main reason behind its extreme popularity was stunning graphics, compelling plot/side plot and sepheroth that was villan of game. There are a number of fans of this game who want the remade of it. It is surely most famous RPG yet. Those who never played this game really missed an amazing game.

8. Starcraft

starcraft, games, starcraft game

This games become a base of RTS (real time strategy). The fan following of Starcraft was high even than that of latest video games and therefore I could say with surety that it had a strong impact on the gaming industry. It is one of those games that really kept PC gaming alive. It also televised nationally in the Korea. RTS genre will get more popularity and fame with the launch of Starcraft II.

7. Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto III game

Although parentss don’t like this game due to “hot coffee mod” or other 18+ scenes yet the girls and guys are a big fan of it. The demand of this game reached its peak after the release of “San Andreas”. However, company had to cut some scenes due to pressure of parents. Anyways, this game permits you to do what you want to do, no restriction, no checks.

6. Halo

halo, halo game

Halo is one of the best shooter games or you may call it a base of FPS. The reason behind the huge success of Microsoft Xbox live is also the launch of this game. If you are using XBox live but haven’t played the Halo then surely you missed a great FPS. Although the release of Call of Duty game has decreased its fan following but it is still liked and played by the loyal users of it.

5. Tetris

tetris, games, tetris game

It is a casual game but really amazing. I bet many moms have played this game and some of them were addicted to it. Am I right? You may become an addict of this puzzle game when you start playing it. You have to fill up the row for clearing the blocks. When you are unable to remove the blocks or when pile reaches to the top then your game is over. So be careful and put the bricks in the right manner in the given time.

4. Farmville

farmville, farmville game

If you are using Facebook then undoubtedly you will have a clear idea of this game that lets you to own your farm and plant everything you like. A number of times I got request from the Facebook users who are real fan of this game and suggest me to play this game. It is launched by Zygna for those who love to make farms and has an interest in gardening. Originally, it was developed as the flash game for Facebook but with the increasing demand of this game, it is available for iPhone users as well.

3. Legend of Zelda

legend of zelda, legend of zelda game

Legend of Zelda was adventure/action base video games that has remained popular since its launch. Nintendo earned name and fame just because of this game and still you are able to play the series of it. A unique combination of action and adventure is a plus point of this game and a number of game manufactures copied this concept. I think you should go and play it then you may get an idea about it.

2. World of Warcraft

world of warcraft, world of warcraft game

This game had a strong impact on gaming industry and you will be amaze to know that this game has over 10 million players currently and the number is increasing day by day. If you missed it then I recommend you to play this game that brings a terrific combination of content and the social network.

1. Super Mario Bros

super mario bros, games

I started my gaming experience from Super Mario Bros and I’m sure many of you also played this game. I liked the different level of this game that launched by Nintendo. There are many games who worked on the blueprint provided by it. Every year brings a new Mario but I and you surely liked the Italian plumber. I would like to say thanks to Nintendo on the release of this bombastic game.

Now your time starts, you can vote for your favorite game. Don’t forget to share your views in the comments below. I want to know whether you agree with our Top 10 list or not. Your suggestions are welcome.