Top 10 First Person Shooter Games

Top 10 First Person Shooter Games 1

There are a number of people who love to play first person shooter games as these let them explore their hidden talent. The manufacturers of FPS find it easy to write games for individuals as they can easily place player’s desire and needs up front. This is also a major reason behind the rising demand of such games.

Are you a fan of FPS and want to know about the Top 10 First Person Shooter Games? If yes then here is a list that is designed by carefully analyzing each aspect of games. I have ranked these games on the basis of game mechanics, game flow, multi-player action vs. single player action, realism, and graphical performance. I know that some of you are loyal to a game and won’t like to see any other but I suggest you to go through my list so that you can get an idea where your favorite game ranked and why!

So enjoy reading!

Note: We have not included games which are either released recently or about to release.

10. Halo Reach (XBox360)

Halo Reach, Halo Reach game

Halo Reach is number 10 in our list because of its unique niche in FPS market and also due to some amazing new technologies for the Halo and Alien fighters. You must have to do some practice with grenade throwing for accomplishing the challenging level of it. I suggest you to use short gun occasionally and stick your enemy with grenade more often. If you want to kill more enemies then you need to learn the route, some pretty resourceful and creative kills or multi-kills. Another fun part of this game is vehicle kills, so don’t just rely on the shooter! Well timed force-field bubbles will make the difference between win and loss.

9. Gears of War 2 (XBox360)

Gears of War 2, games

Gears of War 2 is at ninth spot only due to its cartoon like graphics but what pushes me to include this game into this countdown is the alien invasion story line. There are a number of impressive creatures and events that offers you an enjoyable gaming experience. Though graphics are not as great as other FPS games yet, the single player story is a plus point to me atleast. You can stick the enemy with a real and hard-core magnetic grenade. I know it is slower than other FPS games yet, it has some hidden fun. 😉

8. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC, Mac, XBox360, PS3)

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, games,

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was surely one of the best games which gave the manufactures of FPS a real direction i.e. making the combination of game action and game graphics. You will never be disappointed when switching to multiplayer mode to single player. The game dynamic has not scarified while providing the player a realistic experience of Warfield.

7. Call of Duty: World at War (PC, XBox360, PS3)

Call of Duty World at War, games

Call of Duty: World at War captured 7th position in our Top 10 list of FPS games because this is based on revisiting experience of World War II and therefore many FPS avoid it. When I start playing this game, I realized the goodies related to it. The game, players and weapons are historically accurate with the environment. There is an amazing combat experience with realistic actions.

6. Crysis (PC, XBox360, PS3)

Crysis, games,

Crysis is at sixth(6th) because of its excellent graphics. You must have an advanced hardware for enjoying the real fun of this game. Although there is no multiplayer mode yet, single player story and game play is terrific. If you want a more advanced version of it they you can go for Crysis 2 that comes with more challenges and dynamics.

5. Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PC, XBox360, PS3)

Battlefield Bad Company 2, games

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is surely a better version than that of its predecessor as it allow you to do well with new Destruction 2.0 feature. Now you can destroy whole building instead of a wall. One negative point of this game is its lower graphics. However, there is a lot of fun for gamers because they have to know about great flying/driving skills as there are many vehicles to use, for becoming a champion as you aren’t safe within, behind, or on top of buildings using your claymores as a deterrent.

4. MAG (PS3)

MAG, massive action game, games

MAG, or “Massive Action Game”, is at fourth position because its graphics are not much clear. However, the best feature of this game is its fast and intense combat action so you need to cover yourself before using the map. Though there is no single player story yet, you will enjoy when working with the team of 128 players. You will be able to drive vehicles within the game and also have different options to choose from including occasional para-trooping drop offs. A FPS who wants to boost up his reflexes should try it.

3. Medal of Honor (PC, XBox360, PS3)

Medal of Honor, games

Medal of Honor, a high intensity and scalable game, is at 3rd position because of its excellent graphics, excellent combat realism, etc. You are free to drive a vehicle of your choice and take some classes for maximizing your capabilities. There are several game types so you can pick one based on your choice. Bullet penetration is quite realistic and the good thing is that you can play around with maps and thereby can find the best sniper spot. Although your ammo may run out yet you can take the guns of fallen enemies for coping up with this issue.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC, XBox360, PS3)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, games

MW2 is second contender that has a power to compete well with other games because of its exceptional performance and game action. The amazing graphics both for single and multiple player modes is another feature due to which many FPS prefer it on other online games. You are able to choose the skill level of your character that interact realistically with his environment. Gunfire and explosion not only create an impact on the character but also on you as you feel difficult to see due to smoke or flames and therefore you can’t aim perfectly at your target. This game comes with 10 customized classes, with their own weapon, equipment, and skills (or perks) that means you can choose the one and enjoy its experience that surely be different from another class.

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops (PC, XBox360, PS3, Wii)

Call of Duty Black Ops, games

Black Ops is our number 1 and bore down Modern Warfare 2 just because of its challenging campaign levels, realistic combat experience. As it takes place during cold war times so you may find some old styled weapons but new games brings new features and weapons for a FPS fan. It is quite realistic, for example, if the player has an M60 machine gun then he won’t be able to run as fast as he can with an Uzi. Its difficult campaign level is not easy to complete. You are able to offer a unique representation of your guy by using customizable logos, face-paint, and camouflage. Although there are some technical issues and bugs with this game yet it is one of my favorite games all time. I know soon all issues will be resolved by game developer Treyarch.

Hope you like our Top 10 list. Let us know in comments if you want some changes — we would love to hear from you. Have Fun.