Top 10 Android Features That iPhone Doesn’t Have

Top 10 Android Features That iPhone Doesn’t Have 1

Today, we are going to highlight some exciting features that are available on Android but you may miss them on an iOS powered iPhone. The purpose of this post is not to troll the iPhone but to inform you about 10 unique features and apps of Android. By reading this post you will get an idea how to get maximum utility from Android gadgets, somehow, such utilities are not obtainable in a jailbroken or non-jailbroken iPhone.

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10. Alternate Keyboards

What makes Android handset different from iPhone is its compatibility with alternative keyboards. No need to stick only with your tiny keyboard when you have a number of options such as Swype, 8pen, Swiftkey and many more. Now you are free to enjoy a snug typing experience through an easy to install keyboard. Though, you have other keyboards which can be employed with iPhone, yet you might not like to go through a difficult system level functionality for accessing this facility.

9. Easy Automation

Easy Automation android, android, automation android

Another interesting feature Android is the famous Tasker, an app that allows you to change the setting of some apps by location, time and based on other conditions. By using the right commands, you are able to set every setting of your phone and thereby turn your device into a superphone. This app is not readily available in other platforms.

8. Custom Home Launchers

Custom Home Launchers, Custom Home Launchers android

You can customize the home screen of your Android phone using a third party launcher such as ASWLanucher, Launcher Pro and few others. Even though you can customize the home screen of a jailbroken iPhone, yet the deepest customization is only possible on Android platform. When you use a third party launcher then you are in a position to add some extra features such as various shortcuts, gestures and many more.

7. Widgets

android widgets, android

You can include widgets on Android such as to-do-list, music to your homescreen to add great comfort to your life. For example, music playing widget will display the name of currently playing song track. On a jailbroken iPhone, you can also turn on widget-like apps but these will be accessible only from the lock screen not from the actual home screen.

6. Removable Storage and Battery

android sd card, android

Thanks to Android’s open nature you are free to take out, swap, and upgrade battery and SD card whenever you desire.Your bad luck starts when you don’t have enough space left on iPhone and there is no storage expansion option for your assistance. This situation gets reversed in case of Android, because you can insert a new SD card and get extra space. In the same manner, you can buy a spare battery which will be there to charge your device on the go when your primary battery goes down.

5. Wireless App Installation

android app installation, android, android apps

One of the best features of Android OS is wireless App installation facility as it adds great comfort to your life. On you Android phone, you can search and install an app using third party app like AppBrain by just tapping the install button. On the other hand, an iPhone user has to download an application or to connect the iDevice with iTunes for getting an application from App Store or Cydia — which is not convenient.

4. Custom ROMs

You can enjoy custom ROMs facility on Android handsets just because it’s an open source OS. There are many system-level tweaks that it offers for your facilitation. Unfortunately, custom ROMs feature and system-level tweaks are not easily accessible in other mobile OS platforms.

3. Controlling Your Android Phone From Your Computer

Controlling Your Android Phone From Your Computer, android remote control

It is another plus point of having an Android OS powered handset. You can control an Android device via your personal computer — that allows you to send texts direct from your browser etc. Even though you can install a remote control app onto iPhone, but its features are not as great as of Android’s remote controller app.

2. Flash

flash for android, android flash

Flash becomes a must since without it you can’t fully explore the web. You can access many things through it such as flash websites, flash games, flash videos etc. After installing onto your phone or tablet, you can see a new look of web. This feature is exclusively obtainable from an Android device while you may miss it when you have an iPhone.

1. True App Integration

google voice for android, android, google voice

With iPhone you can’t enjoy the real app integration that is truly accessible through an Android phone. For example, Google voice for iPhone — when you make a call through it then sometimes it may direct you toward wrong dialer while this thing never happens in Android’s Google Voice app since every call you make from the phone’s dialer goes through Google Voice. On iPhone platform you hardly enjoy the amazing experience of various integrated applications such as use of custom phone, SMS, voicemail, and even browser apps.

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