Steve Jobs Has 313 Apple Patents to His Name

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Steve Jobs’ exit from Apple as the CEO actually shocked many people. This might not come as a surprise because he has been on a leave since January due to unknown medical conditions. In that time Tim Cook has been in-charge, and now He will be doing it full time.

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Jobs’ says that he has been planning this change for a long time, maybe this was a new move by Him to check if Tim’s the right man for the job of heading the company that he co-founded.

Apple is a much cautioned company, protecting all that it has created by filing patents. It has over 1000 patents which include 313 patents in the name of Steve Jobs — some obvious and some not.

Some of these patents have completely changed the face of the company which includes the iPod’s Click Wheel and the iTunes store. These services have not only served the consumers but also some musicians who can now safely broadcast their music.

These innovations are not the only ones that have been filed as patents under the name of Steve Jobs. The staircases found in Apple’s stores all over the world have also been patented. This tells us the details in which Apple goes, and this is one of the key features that set it apart from others. If you wish to take a look at all the patents that have been filed by Steve Jobs follow this link.

Steve Jobs has gathered many fans from all over the world due to his innovative designs and ideas that made Apple to where it is at the moment. His struggle is what also fancies everyone, it was amazing the way he was thrown away, and then he returned to turn Apple into the most innovative and the most advanced technological giant in the world.

Steve Jobs may have retired as the CEO of Apple but that does not mean that he would not be looking after the company. He has been elected as the chairman of Apple’s board. And it might be possible that he himself be unveiling new Apple products such as the iPhone 5 or the iPad 3 in the coming months.

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