Research Shows Internet Explorer Users Have Lower IQ

Research Shows Internet Explorer Users Have Lower IQ

According to a recent study, users of Internet Explore (IE) have a lower level of IQ than users of other browsers such as Firefox, Chromer and Safari. The study was carried out by AptiQuant, a Canadian Company, under the title “Intelligent Quotient and Browser Usage”.

Intelligent Quotient and Browser Usage, browsers, research, study, internet explorer iq levelAround 101,326 participants, all aged above 16, attended the IQ test for browser usage. The participants were divided into groups based on the browsers they use. The result showed that Internet Explorer 6 users have an average IQ score of just above 80. On the other hand, the users of Firefox and Chrome have an average IQ score of 110, while Opera and Camino users top the list with an average IQ score of more than 120.

Moreover, many versions of Internet Explorer were included in the study and the results showed that older versions of IE users have even lower level of IQ.

For a long time developers and users are not at all happy with IE6, mainly because of its non-compliance with the web standards and security defects. The recent result could add more agony to the users and the browser.

The study concluded that individuals with lower IQ score are unable to cope with a change in the browser version, while individuals with high IQ score are always ready to face the change in browser version or listen to upgrade suggestions and security advice.

Individuals on the lower side of the IQ scale tend to resist a change/upgrade of their browsers. Now that we have a statistical pattern on the continuous usage of incompatible browsers, better steps can be taken to eradicate this nuisance.

This may be one of the reasons why Microsoft started a campaign against the usage of IE6 earlier in March. Certainly this kind of steps has to be taken against the less compatible browsers.

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