Japanese Engineer Develops World’s First Flying Sphere Drone

Japanese Engineer Develops World's First Flying Sphere Drone

Fumiyuki Sato, an Engineer from the Japanese Defense Ministry, has developed a spherical surveillance drone which he has claimed the world’s first. The drone has the ability to fly between narrow passages, flutter in the air, vertically take off, bounce along the ground and can fly up to 37 miles per hour.

This is the world’s first spherical air vehicle.

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It is powered by a single propeller which has a spherical shell around, designed in-order to protect the drone from knocks against walls and windows — amazingly it still weighs less than a pound and has a diameter of just 17 inches. :O

The remote-controlled drone has a total cost of about $1400, and according to it creator the components can be found in Tokyo’s electronic tech-geek heaven of Akihabara, at 100-yen shops where every item sells for about a dollar, or on the Internet.

The primary purpose of its development is to use it as a pursuit vehicle that can travel through traffic or spy on a target through a window — and at the same time transmit live visuals from a video camera to control tower.

The only drawback is that there is no autopilot feature (only for the time being), which means it can only fly if the controller is able to see it.

Even though I can see footage from the mounted camera, it would be very difficult to control this.

According to Sato, a more advanced version of this could well fly over a bike for security.

It could go below an electric cable, fly above the next one, and then turn a street corner.

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