Google has just made it a lot easier for you to invite friends to Google+ by using a new short link that it has rolled out to its users. You can share the link with your friends or post it on your website in order to invite people to the social network.

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google, google plus, google+, google + link invitation

To get the invitation link, simply click on the “invite friends” button on the right hand side of the stream. For the time being, only 150 people can join using your unique link. The update was announced by Google engineer Balaji Srinivasan:

Since we’re still in field trial, we’re limiting sign-ups from these links to 150 per person for now.

So now you don’t have to manually invite people — instead just share the link on your Facebook wall or tweet it on Twitter.

If you are looking for an invite then just follow the link and sign up. Don’t forget to add GizmoCrazed to your circles.