Facebook Rolls Out Major Privacy Changes

Facebook Rolls Out Major Privacy Changes

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking website is taking a big step to make its privacy systems much better and precise. Anyone with an account on Facebook will now be able to know as with whom their profiles and private lives are being shared. This will be the biggest change in the users’ privacy in history of Facebook.

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Many new features are being introduced which are divided into two different areas, including changes in the method of sharing and changes to profile privacy.

First we will review the new features that are being introduced in the user profile privacy.

Profile Privacy:

→ Well, the first and the foremost thing that must be mentioned is the change the website is doing for the user who wants to change or modify his/her profile or even privacy settings. Instead of going to the old and weak “Privacy Settings” page, now one can directly change them with the “Help Options” that are present at the right hand side of the page. This way is very fast and easy.

→ Another introduction to the website is the “View Profile As” added directly onto the profile page (previously available in privacy settings). When one selects this option one can view his/her profile in perspective of his or her friend. This is a very good option as one can see what his friends can and cannot see on his/her profile.

→ Another change Facebook is introducing in their privacy overhaul is the control of privacy over the tagging feature. With the help of this update, users would be able to approve tags and have control over who can tag them in posts, videos or photos.

Moving on to changes that are being offered in the Sharing section.

User Sharing Options:

→ The publisher bar now houses three different clicks which include tags, location and control over who sees your posts and other stuff that has been shared. In the location option one can tag a location from the browser or some specified mobile application. The previous feature, that tagged a location according to the GPS location has been deleted and now, one can do tag his location even when he/she is not at that location.

→ With the help of the tags option one can tag his/her friends on a post or a photo and also allow non-friends people to tag him/her in their own posts or photos or videos. And in the end with help of the controls option a person who is sharing the stuff can determine who can see the post and who cannot. This feature can also be enabled for every post that a person makes through the main privacy settings page or can enable it for specific posts or specific pictures and videos.

→ Another change is the un-tagging feature. With the help of this, users can un-tag themselves from unwanted posts or photos or videos. There are three options now: un-tag yourself from a photo, ask the photo uploader to remove the photo and block that person on Facebook. This is another good feature using which people can maintain who they are friends with and who they are best friends with.

These new privacy changes are in accordance with the ever growing competition between the social networking websites, and have brought Facebook at the top again. Once Facebook lacked with proper privacy settings (and got heavily criticized) and now it has the best of them available for its users.

[via Mashable, Image via Telegraph]