World’s First 3D Chocolate Printer : Lets You Design & Print Your Own 3D Chocolate Objects

World's First 3D Chocolate Printer : Lets You Design & Print Your Own 3D Chocolate Objects

Good news for chocolate lovers as a fascinating 3D chocolate printer is at the door — the world’s first 3D chocolate printer was just unveiled in U.K. 😀

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This 3D chocolate printer is the result of collaborative work and research of University of Exeter in collaboration with the University of Brunel and software developer Delcam. The printer can produce 3D imprints of chocolate based on user demanded designs or wordings.

3D printers have been previously used with metal and plastic objects for industrial purposes but this is the first time chocolate imprints are produced.

How It Works?

The printer prints by putting different layers and stacks of the chocolate and finally giving the shape according to the desired design. This 3D chocolate printer was not easy to manufacture as the physical properties of chocolate are hard to handle industrially. The cooling and heating processes of chocolate are quite hard to handle and there were many challenges in modeling of this 3D printer.

According to U.K.’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council:

Chocolate is not an easy material to work with because it requires accurate heating and cooling cycles. These variables then have to be integrated with the correct flow rates for the 3D printing process. Researchers overcame these difficulties with the development of new temperature and heating control systems.

A team of software developers are also working to extend this project and make it more easy to customizes the user demands about how he or she wants the shape of the chocolate to be printed and the day is not far when candy companies will take orders for the customers and asking them their desired text and shape of the chocolate.

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