Woman Offering iPad Or $500 To The Person Who Find/Becomes Her Soulmate

Woman Offering iPad Or $500 To The Person Who Find/Becomes Her Soulmate 1

Tea Smith, an Australian woman, is ready to give away an iPad or $500 to the one who becomes/find a soulmate for her.

Téa tweeted the following from her twitter account last night:

An iPad, or $500 to the person who sets me up with the person I marry. GO, power of social media…

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Initially many people consider it as a joke. Later they find it as a proper competition where the winner will get either 16GB WiFi-only iPad or $500 in cash. The title for this competition is “find my soulmate competition”. There are two ways in which you can win:

  • Find a soulmate for Tea
  • You become a soulmate of Tea

Moreover, people will be put into a lucky draw to win an iPad if they Retweet or Share this content on social networking sites such as Facebook.

According to Tea’s blog:

A few months ago, a friend of mine had the idea to market himself via Facebook ads, which intrigued me… but a tongue-in-cheek comment on Twitter last night has led to me having a stellar idea.

I work with social media. I market online. Why use a dating site? Why not do something that drives real leads to me, that I control? And also pimp my own services as well? Seems win-win.

And, thus… my “find me a soulmate” competition was born.

This isn’t happening for the first time — many such scenarios have happened in the past. A 17 year old Chinese guy sold his kidney to buy an iPad. Even more crazier incident happened when a teenage girl from China decided to sell her virginity in order to buy an iPhone4. Yes, that’s how highly-valued an iPhone 4 is for certain people.

People who are willing to take part in this competition can read the guidelines posted by her. Along with that they can find three photos of Tea in addition to her personal information such as age, location, preferences, etc.

All I can say is if you are really interested in an iPad or $500, finding someone for her would be a better option. 😀

Hope she finds a perfect soulmate. Good Luck Guys.