In past one month, we have seen Facebook surpassing 750 million users, Twitter reaching 200 million user accounts and Google+ crossing 10 million active users in less than 3 weeks after its launch. But which social media giant got to 10 million registered users first? Any wild guesses folks?

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A Norwegian ‘TechieLeon Haland has created an awesome graph(embedded below) to compare the growth of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. According to that, Facebook and Twitter are not even close to the exponential growth of Google+ at the moment.

facebook, google, google plus, social network, twitter,google,social networks,twitterFacebook and Twitter took 852 and 780 days respectively, to reach 10 million users:  whereas Google+ only took 16 days to cover the same ground. That’s pretty impressive indeed!! 😉

The major reason for this is that Google+ came into being in 2011, while Facebook and Twitter launched when no one had a clue about social networking. It took a lot of time to create awareness among people about social media at that time — in Google+’s case, the awareness already existed. Another reason is that people got used to features like Circles and Hangouts a lot faster on Google+ (adaptation rate is high), as they are pretty much similar to the features over at Facebook.

[via TechCrunch]