Surgeons Carried Out World’s First Man-Made Organ Transplant

Surgeons Carried Out World's First Man-Made Organ Transplant

Lung cancer is being considered as one of the most fatal disease which kills the person within few months of development.

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Luckily a lung cancer patient got a synthetic transplant for the tumor that can’t be operated. Scientists from University College London worked at making a glass artificial windpipe including trachea and two primary bronchi i.e. left and right — covered with a polymer having small holes in it for better transmission of air.

Later stem cells from his bone marrow and cells from nose were extracted and planted over the artificial organ — which were then placed in a bioreactor for two days to let the cells grow and cover the whole of the windpipe so that it could easily be incorporated into the human body without the fear of tissue rejection.

During 12 hours surgery, patient Andemariam Teklesenbet Beyene was transplanted with the hand-made organ in Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm. This didn’t require any potential donor with same genetic sequence for the transplant. The patient own body cells were used in the whole process.

This technique does not rely on a human donation.

The transplant was successful and Mr. Beyene is leading a healthy life. His cancerous affect has pretty much subsided.

This has given hope to world of medicine and surgery that custom made organs can be made from patient’s own body cells with minimum amount of the risk of tissue rejection.