We are here with some more interesting Google+ facts and figures folks!! According to FindPeopleOnPlus, a site that gathers statistics related to Google+, says about 73.7% of Google+ users are male(based on 1 million users’ information). Way To Go Guys! 😀

google plus, google+ statistics, FindPeopleOnPlus also revealed that out of 73.7% males, 7.85% live in San Francisco probably because of its technological culture and heritage, and a staggering 60% are either engineers or web developers.

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Moving onto stats about relationship, 95% of people “looking for love” are male and mere 5% are women. A total of 25,000 users have listed them as single, 19,000 are married and 12,000 are in a relationship. A vast majority of people don’t say what they are, according to the latest profile data FindPeopleOnPlus have submitted on their site.
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It’s a fact that men are usually the early adopters of any technology, but in order to compete with its biggest competitor Facebook, which has more female users than men, Google+ has to do something to reach mass adoption.

Prior to this, Google announced that they have more than 10 million active users per day and this figure is expected to cross 20 million by the end of this week.

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