Microsoft Wants Samsung To Pay $15 On Each Android Phone It Sells

Microsoft Wants Samsung To Pay $15 On Each Android Phone It Sells

Microsoft is demanding a 15$ patent fee on each Android smartphone handset sold from the platform of Samsung, according to a report.

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Microsoft has extended its patents with many companies and platform in the past few years. Android, as we know is basically a Google platform but Microsoft holds some patents with it, similarly as it has some business patents with Android platform HTC.

Though, the fees, Microsoft gets on each device ain’t public till now but it is evident from the available facts and figures and increasing sales graph of Android devices that Microsoft earns a lot more in Android devices as compared to Windows Phone.

This new deal offer by Microsoft depends on Samsung’s willingness that how far they can stretch this patent to increase its business relations with Microsoft. A lesser payment in exchange for deeper relation with Microsoft’s Windows platform could be beneficial for both.

According to a report which was published in Maeil Business Newspaper, Microsoft tends to seek around $10 to $15 on each android phone sold. Experts see it as a very profitable deal for Microsoft in all aspects.

Reportedly, Samsung sold around 10 million Galaxy S devices in the first seven months and sold around 3 million Galaxy S II devices in less than two months’ time period. The extent up to which Samsung is making sales can be evaluated from the above figures and it also depicts the profitability of this deal for Microsoft. Now Microsoft waits eagerly for Samsung response that will definitely play a key role in fluctuating market trends for both the parties.

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