iPad Accounts For 1% Of The World’s Web Traffic

iPad Accounts For 1% Of The World's Web Traffic

After its launch over a year ago, Apple’s iPad now generates 1 percent of the world’s web traffic as well as 2.1 percent of web traffic in the United States, according to data from NetMarketShare.

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Statistics also revealed that iPad accounts for 97 percent of the world’s web traffic for all tablets — tablets like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and HP’s TouchPad make up the rest. SHAME!!

Moreover, iOS devices dominate the U.S market share of mobile devices (including both smartphones and tablets) with iPhone generating 25.5 percent and iPad making up the rest 35.5 percent of the total 60%. Android is at the second spot with 31.6 percent while RIM’s BlackBerry is third with mere 6.9 percent.

The market share of mobile devices compared to desktops has now reached 5% and increasing by 10% every month — so desktops are almost dead or its too early to say that? Let us know in comments.

[via mashable]