FIFA Women’s World Cup Final Sets A New Tweets Per Second Record

FIFA Women's World Cup Final Sets A New Tweets Per Second Record

The FIFA Women’s World Cup final between USA and Japan has set a new world record for the number of tweets sent per second — events like Japanese Earthquake, Osama bin Laden’s death, The Royal Wedding or The Release Deathly Hallows II are not even close to it in terms of Twitter use.

The epic finale in which Japan scored an equaliser just three minutes before the end of extra time and then went on to win on penalty shoot-out, produced a record breaking 7,196 tweets per second. Prior to this, The Copa America Quarter Final game between Paraguay and Brazil produced 7,166 tweets per second.

Twitter has officially confirmed this by sending a tweet earlier today:

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The devastating earthquake that struck Japan earlier this year produced 5,530 tweets per second, while The Royal wedding produced 3,966 tweets per second at its peak.

The Top 5 Events at this moment of time are:

Women’s World Cup Final USA and Japan: 7,196 TPS

Copa America Quarter Final Paraguay and Brazil: 7,166 TPS

New Year’s Day(2011): 6,939 TPS

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami: 5,530 TPS

2011 Super Bowl: 4,064 TPS

[image via Mashable]