Airplanes Can Alter Weather Increasing Chances Of Rain & Snow[STUDY]

Airplanes Can Alter Weather Increasing Chances Of Rain & Snow[STUDY]

Aeroplanes can change the weather around you to a great extent as they take off or land, an interesting new study has revealed.

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Aeroplanes are the major cause of rain and snow around the localities near the airport — these facts are recorded using satellites images of clouds and other weather observing mechanism around the airports.

According to the study, which is published in Science Journal, as the aeroplane smashes through the clouds already containing super cooled water or tiny water droplets having a temperature in between minus 10 to minus 15 degree centigrade, the wind behind the propellers and wings of the aeroplane compresses these clouds to make them more cool — which at this pressure is enough to cause them convert to snow.

The tiny drops from behind the propellers can produce ice crystals which can cause snow fall around the area. This conversion of tiny water droplets into ice crystals results into a chain reaction and ice crystals in turn give rise to other ice crystals and thus a huge area comes into weather change. The main cause of this weather change is, as told, the aeroplane.

Aircrafts increase the chance of snow fall when they impart holes in the clouds as they take off and they also produce canals in the clouds as the descend to land.

According to Dr.Andrew Heymsfield of the National Centre for Atmospheric Research in Boulder:

Whether an airplane creates a hole or a canal in the clouds depends on its trajectory. When they climb through a super-cooled cloud layer, they can just produce a hole. But when they fly level through the cloud layer, they can produce long canals.

[via TimesOfIndia]