Volkswagen ‘Temporary Autopilot’ Lets You Drive Hands-Free

Volkswagen 'Temporary Autopilot' Lets You Drive Hands-Free

The automobile industry is going to be revolutionized as Volkswagen introduces the self-driving technology for cars just like autopilot technology for the aero planes.

volkswagen temporary autopilot

The cars can be driven up to 80 mph on highways without the control of drivers and this is the amazing feature of this technology that has made a landmark in the history of automobiles.

Globally renowned search engine Google has already logged 140,000 miles with its self-driving Toyota Prius fleet, same is the case with Audi. This technology is making progress by leaps and bounds with every passing day because of its dashing attractive technological ease for the users.

The self-driving system compels the car to maintain the speed set by the driver, the car maintains a safe distance from the sideways vehicles and all the vehicles that are ahead of the car thus making the drive very safe for the user. The car can also make necessary maneuvers in the bunch of traffic as that are necessary to make the car inside the safe position.

The car will also be able to detect the lanes due to its powerful ultrasonic-based sensors. In this way, the car is said to be in a semi-automatic mode  — not fully automated.

This initiative from Volkswagen is based on a relatively production-like sensor platform, consisting of production-level radar-, camera-, and ultrasonic-based sensors supplemented by a laser scanner and an electronic horizon.

The new technology is nonetheless a great landmark in the field of latest automobile history and will definitely open new horizons of research — the production version is expected to be out within a couple of years.

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