2/3 Of Deaths Are Caused By Diabetes, Cancer, Heart And Lung Disease

2/3 Of Deaths Are Caused By Diabetes, Cancer, Heart And Lung Disease

Latest study shows that more than two third of the deaths all around the world are caused by four non communicable diseases that are cancer, diabetes, heart and lung disease. The main causes of the said diseases are excessive use of tobacco, lack of physical activity and exercise and consumption of unhealthy diet.

more deaths caused by heart attack and cancer

This study is circulated at a very large scale by UN officially and Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has stressed in the perspective of this study that as the world continues to focus its attention of the abolishment of other diseases like HIV and cholera, these four non communicable diseases are now a major threat to the humanity which needs special efforts from every country to avoid this epidemic.

According to the report, more than 36 million people died of these four diseases in the year 2008 out of 57 million, that is more than 63% of the total deaths.

Around 80% of these deaths took place in the developing countries. If same rate would continue, it is estimated that these diseases will cause the death of more than 52 million people in year 2030.

Non communicable diseases are able to cause the deaths five times as compared to other diseases. John Seffrin, CEO of the American Cancer Society said:

No health problem has ever caused so much damage and remained unnoticed. it is the poorest people that suffer the most.

The CEO vowed to start immediate actions against these diseases and called it the biggest challenge of the 21st century.

These diseases are also expected to maintain a shear economic pressure on the world and according to Professor David Bloom of Harvard University

This challenge will evolve into a staggering economic burden over the next two decades.

The human and economic burden of non-communicable diseases can be contained by devoting resources directly or indirectly to prevention, screening and treatment all around the world.

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