Iran Plans To Send A Monkey Into Space [REPORT]

Iran Plans To Send A Monkey Into Space [REPORT]

Iran is planning to send a live monkey in space this summer to observe the special effects on the animal, Iranian Defense Ministry announced. This development is perceived as the extension of the program according to which many animals were sent in space for example in 2010, rats ,turtles and small worms were sent on Kavoshgar-3 rocket, but this is the first time a comparatively large animal is being sent into the space.

iran to put monkey in space

According to a top official of Iran‘s space program, the monkey will be sent on Rassad (Observation)-1 satellite which will be carried by rocket named as Safeer(ambassador).

Mr. Hamid Fazeli who is heading ISA(Iranian space agency) informed:

The rocket will be launched during the time period of (July 23 to august 23) to the maximum altitude of 74 miles(120 km) and it will be carrying a capsule weighing 285 kilograms carrying a live monkey

The main objective of this space mission is to observe the effects of space environment on human beings and the results will be useful for the mega project which is to send a man into the space, scheduled in 2020.

Rassad-1 has a two month long lifecycle and maintains the capability to orbit the earth 15 times in 24 hours.

Animals have been sent since long to observe the effects of space. Success is anticipated from this launch and that will be vital in the forthcoming projects of ISA that involve bigger challenges and risks.

[image via Physorg]