According to a study carried out by Meraki, a cloud services provider, Apple‘s iPad consumes 4 times more Wi-Fi data than the iPod touch, iPhone and all Android devices combined.

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Meraki collected anonymous data from more than 100,000 devices connected to public, educational and general Wi-Fi networks in the U.S, and compared the results against the data it had collected in 2010 to reveal the huge gap between data usage of iPads and other devices like iPhone, iPod Touch etc.

iPad Consumes 4 Times More WiFi Data Than Other Mobile Devices

According to the statistics that Meraki revealed, desktops operating systems such as Windows and Max OS X declined from 63% in 2010 to 36% in 2011 — which is an all time low. On the other hand, mobile devices took a huge leap forward — iOS and Android accounted for a combined 33% in 2010, while they are now amount to about 58%.

Overall, iOS and Android together now account for 58% of Wi-Fi devices, compared to 33% just one year ago. Windows and Mac OS X together declined from 63% to 36%.

iPad Consumes 4 Times More WiFi Data Than Other Mobile Devices

Meanwhile, Android recorded the most significant increase — went from 1% to 11% in an year and iPhone is the most popular with an impressive 32% share of the market.

The iPhone is now the single most popular Wi-Fi device with 32% share.

The next time you get frustrated by slow Wi-Fi speed, look around for people having an iPad, iPhone or Android and tell them to SHUT IT DOWN.