How To Change The Default Browser In iOS

How To Change The Default Browser In iOS 1

Many iOS users find it difficult to change the default browser (that is Safari) in their iPhone, iPod Touch etc. Today we have come with a how-to guide on how to change the default browser to make you feel “at home” on your device.


Note: Your device must be Jailbroken in order to make the following trick work.

1. Install Browser Changer Application

Browser Changer is an app available in Cydia that allows you to set 3rd party browsers your default. You can download this by:

Open Cydia —> Go to search menu —> Type Browser Changer in the search box —> Click install.

2. Open Settings

After successful installation, open your Settings menu and scroll down to check if Browser Changer is present there or not. if not, there must be something wrong with the installation — try to reinstall Browser Changer.

3. Enable Browser Changer & Select Your Preferred Browser

The next step is to open Browser Changer from the Settings menu and Enable it (if not already).

Secondly, choose your preferred browser from the “Selected Browser” menu. In our case, we have set “Portal” as default.

This is all what you have to do! 😉

Let us know in comments which browser you set as default on your device.

[via howtogeek]