Heart With No Beat, A New Hope Of Life

Heart With No Beat, A New Hope Of Life 1

As the quest for a perfect artificial heart continues, Doctors from the Texas Heart Institute have created an artificial heart that has no pulse or audible heartbeat. As a result, developing a heart that does not wear out, break down or cause clots and infections could be avoided.

These pumps don’t wear out, We haven’t pumped one to failure to date.

Doctors experimented the machine on a calf named Abigail by removing here heart and replaced it with two centrifugal pumps.

If you listened to her chest with a stethoscope, you wouldn’t hear a heartbeat, If you examined her arteries, there’s no pulse. If you hooked her up to an EKG, she’d be flat-lined.

The machine is a continuous-flow pump that consists of simple whirling rotors. The pumps spin Abigail’s blood and move it through her body.

By every metric we have to analyze patients, she’s not living, But here you can see she’s a vigorous, happy, playful calf licking my hand.

Till now, Doctors have successfully practised this on multiple calves and also tried on humans recently. The man who received the new implant had just 12 hours left to live prior to that — but survived for more than a month with no heartbeat.

In order to bring a continuous-flow artificial heart to the market, doctors will have to decide on a final design — a manufacturer and FDA approval is required afterwards.

[via NPR]