Gordon Murray’s F1-Style Batmobile Unveiled [VIDEO]

Gordon Murray's F1-Style Batmobile Unveiled [VIDEO]

The latest version of the Batmobile has been unveiled, and it looks Awful!! Designed by Gordon Murray of the McLaren F1 Team, the car produced for Batman Live World Arena Tour, has been unveiled at the “Batman Live” stage show in Europe.


Unlike previous versions of the Batmobile, this one is based on a Formula 1 car design containing a couple of lithium batteries and a hydrogen fuel cell to make the car environment efficient.

Other features include a carbon fibre body, front-mounted lasers and virtual wheels ringed in LEDs — diodes fitted in the wheel create a high voltage field, that can lift the car 40mm off the ground.

hydrogen powered batmobile

If you live in Europe, don’t forget to catch the live stage show this summer. 😉


Gordon Murray’s Original Sketch Of Batmobile:

Gordon Murray Batmobile design[via BatmanLive]