Donkey’s Milk Can Help You Lose Weight [RESEARCH]

Donkey's Milk Can Help You Lose Weight [RESEARCH]

According to a research, drinking donkey’s milk could help you lose weight and protect you from heart disease as it’s more nutritious and contains less fat. It also contains omega three and six fatty acids which reduce cholesterol. Moreover, Donkey’s milk contains high level of calcium which is very good for strengthening bones.

donkey milk could help in weight loss

In experiments, comparing the effects of donkey milk to cow milk in diet and health, researchers found that both provide the same amount of energy but donkey’s milk raise the metabolism rate of the body, contains lesser unhealthy fats and has lower levels of triglycerides that could help in gaining lesser weight.

According to Obesity experts, the “consumption should be encouraged”.

I seriously doubt that anyone is going to use it — not even for the sake of weight loss.

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