500,000 Android Devices Are Activated Every Day

500,000 Android Devices Are Activated Every Day

Sky is the limit for Google Android now as there are more than 500,000 users activating different android devices every day. This figure is beating every present day company, and most importantly, beats Apple. 😉

According to Google Android Boss, 500,000 activations per day is a new record and unbeatable by Apple which had nearly 210,000.

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According to some reports, if overall activation rate, including iPhones and iPads are considered, it reaches around 325,000 activations which is yet not near to the record of android activations. This activation rate is seen as of primary importance because of application oriented market and people of today are developing more and more applications that will run on these phones.

Android is providing an ambient and flexible platform for the users, thus activation rate is touching a very high rate as compared to Apple or Microsoft.

The only concern for Android is that its still a fragmented platform — facing the problem of over customizations as there are numerous versions and modes of software, available in android. Goggle has taken a step to limit this sparse effect by restricting the customizations in hardware but yet the software customizations remain a problem for the developers.

Apple has taken some immediate steps to cope up with this increasing popularity of Android as compared to apple products by offering cheap iPhones in the market which is seen as a smart move by experts but yet android continues to champion the market.

The most important and amazing part is that these activations are increasing by a rate of 4.4% per week, thus raising more concerns and dangers other market rivalries. Android has also been the most popular smartphone platform globally, in terms of market share.