1.8 Zetta-Bytes Of Data To Be Created & Stored In 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Folks at Mashable have estimated the amount of data to be created and stored worldwide this year — and their estimate is equivalent to a staggering 1.8 zettabytes.

So 1.8 zettabytes is equal to ho much? Well, to store this amount of data, you need 57.5 billion 32GB iPads which will cost around $34.4 trillion — and that’s equivalent to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of United States, Japan, China, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Italy combined. 😀

The infographic below contains a few more interesting camparisons. Take a look!

amount of data stored in 2011

According to a recent study, this number doubles every 2 years.

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