Top 10 Windows Phone 7 Apps

Top 10 Windows Phone 7 Apps 1

Windows Phone 7 has been around for quite some time now, and in that time developers have created some fantabulous applications. Here are our picks for the Top 10 WP7 applications. Let us know in comments if we have missed any which you think deserves to be in the top 10.

top 10 windows phone 7 apps

10. Virtual Remote Video Control

Virtual Remote Video Control

Media Control converts your WP7 phone into a remote control for media players. It supports Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, iTunes, PowerDVD, Media Player Classic and VLC. You can control media functions such as play, pause, stop, next, previous, rewind, forward, and controlling the volume using Wifi.



9. Thumba Photo Editor

Thumba Photo Editor

The Thumba Photo Editor is the most complete photo editor for your smartohone. You can resize, crop, rotate, flip, add colored border and even remove red eye from your pictures. It also allows to make adjustments like auto contrast, normalize, brightness, sharpness, exposure, white balance, color balance, colorize and grayscale.



8. Yelp


The preeminent food-finding service lets you find your favourite spots to eat, drink, shop, and more. Just make sure to wash your hands before you pick it back up.



7. Flickr Manager

flickr manager

A great app to manage you Flickr account from your smartphone. It lets you upload pictures, add comments etc.



6. Shazam


Shazam is the quickest and easiest way to discover more about music. Just hold your phone up to the song to identify music immediately when you hear it. When a song is identified, Shazam will link to the Zune Marketplace where you can buy it.