Noise Isolating Ear buds vs. Noise Cancelling Headphones

When listening to music it is very helpful to be able to use some sort of headphones or earphones. This not only allows you to listen to your music privately but it also helps to reduce interference from external sounds. When wearing headphones, no longer do you need to crank up the volume in order to hear over these annoying external sounds. There are two types of technologies today that help in this vein. While noise cancelling headphones and noise isolating ear buds basically accomplish the same task they are actually quite different.

Noise cancelling headphones utilise a tiny microphone that is able to pick up external sounds. Then it is able to process the sound, then, as a result, it can produce the opposite sound wave to effectively cancel out the undesired noise. Noise cancelling headphones work well to cancel out continuous sounds. For instance, that humming noise heard inside an airplane cabin can be eradicated with noise cancelling headphones.

Noise isolating earphones work differently. Basically the process used is more like soundproofing your ears from the sounds around you. These are ear buds that are inserted into your ear. They work much like an ear plug would to keep out external noise. These are made of sleeves comprised of either silicone rubber or foam that essentially make a seal in the ear. Typically, the larger the headphones, the more padding that are used. While they can block out some sounds, they do not eliminate them. Therefore, some unwanted sound can still be heard. Noise cancelling headphones go even further and actually get rid of the noise.

Basically, the choice between noise isolating earphones and noise cancelling headphones is yours. However, if you want to be able to block out some of the extraneous unwanted noises, then noise cancelling headphones would be the better option. They cancel out these background sounds. However, they do not block out sounds you might want to hear. These would include alarms, people speaking directly to you or other similar sounds.

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