iPhone 5 To Have A Curved Glass Screen [REPORT]

iPhone 5 To Have A Curved Glass Screen [REPORT]

According to industry sources, the next generation iPhone will be having a curved glass screen like the Nexus S smartphone. This comes after Apple has reportedly bought 200-300 glass cutting machines to be used by glass makers. Sources have suggested that glass makers were showing reluctance to buy the machinery themselves due to its excessive cost.

iphone 5 to have curved glass screen

The sources also revealed:

The glass slicing machines are currently being stored at associated assembly plants and will be brought online once yield rates for the production of curved glass reaches a satisfactory level.

At this moment of time, there is no news over the volume production of the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S(whatever you like to call it).

This certainly proves that Apple is working hard developing prototypes of the next generation iPhone. Whether it will have a curved glass screen or not, we will find out in September when the new iPhone is expected to be released. In the mean while, check out our complete iPhone 5/iPhone 4S rumour roundup.

[via Digitimes]