If your Facebook friends or followers (in case of Twitter) count have suddenly decreased, there is a handsome possibility that someone has unfriended/unfollowed you. Facebook used to send notifications before when someone removes you from his friend list, but there is no such notifications nowadays. So how do you find out the name of the person who have decided to unfriend you on Facebook or Twitter?

How To Find If Someone Unfollowed You On Twitter Or Facebook

This is where you need a web app called TwentyFeet.

The working is simple.

  1. You will have to link your Facebook/Twitter account to TwentyFeet.
  2. It will start monitoring your account on daily basis and will notify you if it finds any friend gone missing from your friends list. (If your friend has deactivated his account on Facebook, you will still get a notification as deactivated accounts don’t show up in friend list)


Free (2 accounts limit)

$2.49 per year for each additional Facebook Or Twitter account.