Google Search Volumes Around The Globe [VISUALIZATION]

Google Search Volumes Around The Globe [VISUALIZATION]

Coders at Google have put together what they call is a “Search Globe” — a 3D visual display representing one day of Google searches around the world. Each colour represents a different language of people from all walks of life, speaking many different languages and searching everyday. Most of the searches come from Europe and Asia region where you will see a bright landscape, the other parts of the world have less searches because of a lack of Internet access and electricity, Africa for instance.

google searches from around the globe

Check out the Search Globe here, you can twist and turn it any any direction with the help of your mouse.

The visualization is created in WebGL which is an emerging technology (for browsers like Chrome and Firefox) to generate 3D graphics. You can learn more about WebGL by following this link.

[via The Official Google Blog]