This Is Why Apple Keeps Track Of Your Geo-Location

This Is Why Apple Keeps Track Of Your Geo-Location

You already knew that your iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go in a secret file. You probably have been thinking what’s the reason behind saving user’s geo-location? Well, according to sources: Apple has been building a location database for the past 10 months, which will be used to develop geo-location apps and diagnosing service problems such as where dropped calls happen the most etc.

This is Why Your iPhone Tracks Your Every Move

Apple has already explained its geo location policies to US Congress in a letter, which reads: (Read full version here)

These databases must be updated continuously to account for, among other things, the ever-changing physical landscape, more innovative uses of mobile technology, and the increasing number of Apple’s customers. Apple has always taken great care to protect the privacy of its customers.

However, the letter doesn’t mention anything about the data stored on your phone. The data is stored for every user and stays there forever, even after it’s transmittion over a secure channel to Apple databases via Location Services.

Some people do like to have log of their whereabouts, but others should at least have an option to choose between keeping the log on phone or not.

You can stop Apple to stalk you by switching off Location Services in settings, but for now you can’t do anything about data storage on your device.

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