The Amazing Aqua Star Two-Seater Underwater Scooter

The Amazing Aqua Star Two-Seater Underwater Scooter

Interested in underwater motorbiking?? This Aqua Star AS-2 Scooter is designed to bring the experience of undersea exploration to anyone wanting to enjoy experience. (AS-2 is a successor to AS-1, includes some additional features)

The Amazing Aqua Star 2-Seater Underwater Scooter


The battery-powered scooter has 2 engines, one for vertical and other for horizontal movement. It can travel at max speed of 5 km/h and has a battery time of up to 2 hours.  It also has a self contained breathing environment with 70 minutes of air available to each rider , and provides excellent visibility and distortion free views.

Technical Characteristics:

Length: 67 inches

Width: 25.6 inches

Height: 55 inches

Weight: 80 kg

Speed: 3.1 mph / 5 km/h

Battery Operation: 2 hours

Air Consumption (2 tanks): 70 min

For Pricing & Availability details contact Aqua Star USA or visit Aqua Star Products.