The 40-Gigapixel World’s Largest Photo, Taken Indoors

The 40-Gigapixel World's Largest Photo, Taken Indoors

Captured by Jeffrey Martin using a Canon T2i (550D) camera with a 200mm lens, this 40 Gigapixel (280,000 x 140,000), 360-degree photo of 868-year-old Strahov Monastery Library in Prague, Czech Republic now holds the record for World’s Largest Photo Taken Indoors.

The World’s Largest Picture Taken Indoors Is 40 Gigapixels of Classic Beauty

The gigantic picture is actually made by combining 2,947 different images and took over 4 days to stick them all together. The total size of the photo on disk is 280 GB. If you were to print it, you would need a piece of paper measuring 23 x 11 metres. Check out our Photo Gallery over here.

You can zoom in/out complete 40-gigapixel photo over here.

via [360 CitiesWiredTechCrunch]

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