You may have been using built-in themes in Gmail to give your inbox a personalized look. To make it even better, Google now lets you choose your own photos as backgrounds to give Gmail an even more personalized look. 😀

gmail logo

According to an announcement made on Gmail Blog:

Themes in Gmail are great — there are tons to choose from and they give your inbox a personalized look. But we’ve heard from many of you who thought it would be even better if you could give Gmail an even more personalized look and create themes completely on your own.

For a while, you’ve been able to set your own colors, and starting today you can customize your inbox with your own background image too. You can pick from any of your Picasa images or upload a new one. Enjoy!

gmail background

Here’s how you can do it

  • Go to the Settings menu in your Gmail Account
  • Click the Themes tab
  • On the bottom left, select “create your own theme”
  • Click on the link that invites you to select your own background image
  • Choose an image, either from Picasa or from your Hard Drive
[via Gmail Blog]