Scientists from the National Centre of Cardiovascular Research in Madrid, Spain have revealed that heart attacks which occur in the morning are way more serious than attacks at any other time of day. The research is based on data of 811 cardiac patients who were admitted to hospital as a result of a heart attack between 2003-2009.

This may be due to the changes in blood pressure, hormone levels and metabolism rate of the body, which are at their peak in the morning when a person wakes up.

The seriousness of the attacks was measured by calculating the levels of creatine kinase and troponin-I. If the level of these enzymes is high, the more heart muscle is damaged.

Heart Attacks Are More Dangerous In The Morning, Study Reveals

According to the research:

Patients having an attack between 6am and 12pm(noon) suffers 1/5 times more damage to his/her heart muscle.

The possibility that attack will occur in the morning is also higher then any other time of the day. Out of 811 patients, 269 had their heart attack between 6am to noon period, followed by 240 patients who had their attack between noon and 6pm, 161 during the 6pm to midnight period, and 141 between midnight and 6am.

For damage limitation, anyone who experiences heart attack symptoms should call rescue services immediately regardless of the time of day — the quicker someone having a heart attack is treated, the less the damage he/she will have.

[via Daily Mail, Image Courtesy HealthWatchCenter]