HDMI Cables And Game Consoles

Today’s game consoles such as Playstation and X-Box provide users with stellar and realistic graphics that permit them to immerse themselves into the game. When using these game consoles, the best quality sound and picture are a must.

Therefore, it only makes sense to connect these game systems to HDTVs. You can use either the older composite cables or the newer HDMI cables to do this. However, there are certain advantages to using the hdmi cable.

One gaming system that is able to utilize HDMI connections is the Playstation 3. This system was designed to fully use the 1080p HD. This is possible because the Playstation 3 has a built in Blu-Ray player which will play 1080p video. Using composite cables with this new technology will not produce the graphics you are wanting.

Instead, choosing the newer HDMI cables will provide you with much better graphics. All of the images created by the PS3 are done so in a digital format. This requires no conversion on the part of the HDMI cable. However, the composite cable does have to convert analog signals to digital. In this conversion process, some of the picture quality is lost. When selecting HDMI cables for your PS3, go with a high speed cable as they will work best with this particular gaming system due to the high pixel count.

The Xbox 360 is another gaming system that can support HDMI technology. Selecting an HDMI cable over the composite cable is going to provide a sharper image for Xbox images. The Xbox 360 is unable to support the same number of pixels as the Playstation 3. The Xbox 360 only can display up to 720p HD. Select a standard speed HDMI cable for use with the Xbox 360 because of the reduced pixels.

HDMI cables are without a doubt the future of audio and video. Therefore, as time goes on more and more gaming systems will surely be designed to support this technology. Some PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles may need to download update to the firmware in order to get the most out of the HDMI cables.

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