Facebook To Enter China Soon [Report]

Rumours are circulating across the Internet over the possible entry of Facebook into China. According to many different credible industrial sources, Facebook has already agreed a deal with Baidu(the largest search engine in China with 84% market share) to create a new social network. The domain to be used for this is expected to be Facebook.cn(registered by Facebook in 2007).

facebook to enter china with baidu

Founder of Market Research firm Data Center of the China Internet, Hu Yanping said:

Facebook has signed an official contract with a local Chinese Internet company to build a new social networking website in China. Hu added that the new website would not be integrated withFacebook.com.

According to another source:

Facebook is really on the eve of entering China, the contract has been signed, with some Chinese partner who will build the new site according to some model, but which will not completely connect to Facebook.com

What we believe that something is surely going on between Facebook and Chinese officials behind closed doors – even if Facebook eventually end up in China, it will be tightly regulated in accordance with Chinese censorship law. We will keep you updated as we learn more! Stay tuned to GizmoCrazed.

[via TechRice]

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