Best Android Apps Of The Week

Best Android Apps Of The Week

Guest Post by Kate Brown – With Android handsets still growing massively in popularity – they have overtaken Apple mobile phones already and look to beat Nokia’s Symbian within months – more people are visiting Android market, the place to buy applications on these phones, every day.

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People have downloaded more from Android market now than they have at the Apple app store so it is clear that the application craze is not just found on the iPhone. With brilliant Android phones out there like the powerful Samsung Galaxy S, you can now get some extremely complex and impressive apps for your phone. Here are some of the best ones out at the moment.

Retro Camera Plus

As a rule of thumb, programmes like this that attempt to make your photos look like they were taken by an old camera are rubbish. This is the exception that proves the rule though as it gives you a good choice of classic camera options and you can take some really remarkable photos with it. A great companion to a good camera on an Android phone.

Pixelpipe Upload and Post

Social networking is huge business now and many people use several sites at once so this can be extremely useful. Pixelpipe allows you to upload thoughts, videos, pictures, music etc. onto over 100 sites simply with the click of a button. Add stuff to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and many other more obscure sites.


Winamp has long been popular with music fans on PCs as it is one of the most comprehensive music and media players around and now it is on Android. Listen to all of your tracks and easily sync with your desktop version of the software with this great, and free app.

Gesture Search

A really good and simple idea from Google here as they look to eliminate scrolling through menus on your phone by giving you gesture search. This app allows you to draw a number letter on your touch screen and will take you to that area of your list.