Top 10 Tips To Write A Powerful & Successful Resumé

Top 10 Tips To Write A Powerful & Successful Resumé 1

As the end of spring semester approaches, many students are getting ready to start applying for summer internships and jobs. During your job search process, resumé is the only thing that represents you in a best possible way. Therefore, one of the key aspects to get a good job or internship, is to write a powerful and successful resumé. For those who find their resumes lacking in education, here’s a tip for you: consider either an MBA or a master of management degree from an accredited school.

Writing a resumé is a great challenge, but you can always follow a few tips mentioned below to make it from blah to wow! 😀

10. Begin with a Big List, and Then Shorten It

Keeping your resumé short is important, but another challenge is to make it as good as possible. For that matter, make it long in the start and then cut it down. It will help you in making different resumés for different jobs and it also make it less likely to forget anything important.

9. Include Only Important Points While Narrowing It Down

While narrowing down your giant list of accomplishments, make sure that you include the most important ones. Anything outdated should be removed. There are also a lot of phrases that are just for wasting printer’s ink, getting rid of those will be very useful indeed.