iPad 2 is just a few days old in this gadgetry world but has already left it’s competitors a long way behind. According to reports, Vice President of Samsung’s Mobile Division said that some parts of Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 tablet look “inadequate” as compared to the iPad 2, therefore, they might have to reduce the price in order to compete directly with the iPad 2. Samsung also sees iPad 2 as its biggest competitor because of its price and slim design.

Samsung To Reconsider Galaxy Tab Pricing After iPad 2 Release

Apple’s iPad 2 is just 8.8mm thick and its price starts at $499 which goes up to $829, compared to Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 which is 10.9mm in thickness and cost nearly $900 without a two-year contract from mobile operators.

Lee Don-Joo told Yonhap News Agency:

“Apple made it very thin. We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate. The 10-inch (Galaxy 10.1) was to be priced higher than the 7-inch (Galaxy Tab) but we will have to think that over now.”

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via Yonhap News Agency