Top 30 iPad Applications



NightStandHD comes with a handful of beautiful clocks both analog and digital. It is very useful if you happen to dock your iPad next to your bed.

NightStandHD is available for $2 on Apple Store.


Epicurious has got tons of recipes presented in a nice, photo-friendly format. Show this to your Mom to justify your iPad purchase.

Epicurious is available for Free on Apple Store.


The WIRED journey through the underworld around us, and it features exclusive content available only on the iPad.

Wired is available for $4 on Apple Store.


Gravilux lets you draw with stars: it’s a combination of painting, animation, art, science, and gaming. As you touch the screen, gravity draws simulated stars to your fingertips. You can tease and twist the particles into galaxies, or explode them like a supernova. You can color the stars by their speed, and play music in the background. Touching the edge of the screen, you can change parameters including gravity and number of stars, and enable antigravity, color, music, or upload to Facebook.

Gravilux is available for $2 on Apple Store.

-New York Times for iPad

Get all the sections, articles, videos and photos you expect from The New York Times on your iPad.

New York Times for iPad is available for Free(only for now) on Apple Store.


The preeminent food-finding service goes great on the tablet. Just make sure to wash your hands before you pick it back up.

Yelp is available for Free on Apple Store.

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