iPad completed its first year in this gadget obsessed world just a few days ago. In this time period, application developers have created some great social, productive, gaming and lifestyle applications.

Top 30 iPad Applications

To mark iPad’s first birthday we have compiled a list of Top 30 Most Popular iPad applications.



Remote turns your iPad into a remote control for your iTunes library or Apple TV. It not just allow you to enjoy music and movies but also let you move them around your house.

Top 30 iPad Applications

Remote is available for Free on Apple Store.


Kindle app is the best way to search and buy books if you don’t have an actual Amazon Kindle.

Top 30 iPad Applications

Kindle is available for Free on Apple Store.

-Google Earth

You haven’t experienced Google Earth until you’ve experienced it on the iPad. You can fly to far corners of the planet with just the swipe of a finger.

Top 30 iPad Applications

Google Earth is available for Free on Apple Store.


Neflix can be used for intuitive viewing of movies and TV shows on your iPad. With great new Instant Watch offerings popping up all the time, a Netflix subscription is essentially mandatory.

Top 30 iPad Applications

Netflix is available for Free on Apple Store, but subscription cost $8.99/month.

-TED for iPad

TED talks are some of the best content the internet has to offer. The iPad which is safe from the constant distractions of the internet, is the best place to watch them.

Top 30 iPad Applications

TED is available for Free on Apple Store.

-Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook Pro is drawing app for real deal artists. It includes all the features in the world you need for drawing.

Top 30 iPad Applications

Sketchbook Pro is available for $8 on Apple Store.


iPad doesn’t support all audio/video file formats. StreamToMe will re-encode pretty much any video you want to play on your iPad.

Top 30 iPad Applications

StreamToMe is available for $3 on Apple Store.