The World’s First Surfboard With Advanced Technological Features

The World's First Surfboard With Advanced Technological Features

Pukas and Tecnalia have developed, what they call is the world’s first surfboard integrated with advanced technological features. The advanced gadgetry like accelerometer, GPS, compass etc. will help the surfers measuring everything from how fast they took the last wave to how vertical they got.

According to the developers of this surfboard:

“This research project will revolutionise surfboard manufacturing processes, as they will provide a map of the critical points and their properties, something that will make it possible to incorporate a determined amount of various materials with known properties at specific locations on the surface of surfboards.

In order to carry out the project, we had to install the data gathering electronics – sensors and hardware – in the surfboard itself to transfer the data to a computer. In addition, we characterised the mechanical properties of surfboards so as to quantify the mechanical behaviour of the same and adapt it to the requirements of individual surfers. We have also defined laboratory tests that allow us to quantify the stiffness/flexibility of boards and their resistance to breakage.”

via Puka Surf