How To Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

How To Recover Accidentally Deleted Files 1

Have you ever deleted a file on your computer and then a week later, realized that you really need it? Well, most of us already have. 😀

You can use Recycle Bin to restore those files but this doesn’t work for external USB drives, USB flash drives, memory sticks and mapped drives. Here’s our how-to guide on how to recover accidentally deleted files.

Recover Using Recuva

The first step to recovery is to install a software called Recuva. It is extremely easy to install and use.

After successfully installing the software, launch Recuva wizard and start recovering your important data files.

The next step on the wizard window is to tell Recuva to search for which type of file. You can use a specific type which can make the search a lot easier or Other if you are not sure about the format of the file. (We are selecting pictures)

Then you have to specify where the file was located at the time of deletion.

On the next page you will have to specify what type of scan you want, either Deep or Quick. We recommend you to choose Quick Scan for the first time, because usually the quick scan can find it. If you don’t, then go back and choose Deep scan.

Then you will see all the deleted files from your HDD, USB, SD card or wherever you searched.

Chances are that you will get a large number of results. To speed up the process, switch to advance view where you can sort files by last modified time(this helps only if you know exactly when the file was last modified or created).

Just right click on the file you selected, recover it and save it on your drive. DONE! 😉

Download Recuva From Here

If you were unable to recover using Recuva, try the next method. 🙂