How To Speed Up Your Aging Laptop

How To Speed Up Your Aging Laptop 1

It’s a common observation that laptops with the passage of time get slower and users end up buying a new one after getting frustrated. Check out our how-to guide to speed up your aging laptop without buying a new one.

Re-Install Operating System

The first thing you must do is to re-install OS on your system. In addition to this, remove all unused programs, files or any other thing which unnecessarily resides on your hard drive.

Upgrade Your RAM

After you’re done with cleaning up and stuff, upgrading system RAM is the next step. 4GB ram is enough for a regular PC user. 😀

Upgrade Your Hard Drive To A Solid State Drive

Most laptops come up with slow hard drives, running at 5400RPM because of overheating and power issues. These HDDs are cheaper but slow down systems considerably when starting, running application programs, games and browsing the internet.

In contrary to this, Solid State Drives or SSDs are much cooler and faster then conventional hard drives and are easier to upgrade as well. The only drawback of SSDs is its price.

Use a USB adapter if your laptop has only one spot for hard drive. You can copy data from your existing hard drive to the new one using tool called CloneZilla. Make sure that your SSD runs to its fullest capacity.

SSD will surely put a new life into your laptop and you may be able to get a few more years out of it. 😉

Lets us know in comments if you know any other way to speed up slow-aged laptops.

via lifehacker