Top 10 Most Innovative Viral Ads

Top 10 Most Innovative Viral Ads

Viral Ads are buzzwords referring to marketing techniques used for brand awareness through video advertising. Ad agencies have been trying to produce successful viral videos in order to increases brand awareness and get new fans.

We have compiled some truly extraordinary and innovative viral ads released in the year 2010. Let us know in comments which one you loved the most. 😀

10. Master of Business Card Throwing (Samsung)

This execution for Samsung’s new digital camcorder makes you want to toss business cards for a living. You can’t watch it without trying to do it yourself, or at least film it. Hopefully with a Samsung Digital Camcorder H205.

Ad Agency: The Viral Factory

9. Write the Future (Nike Football)

This epic video takes you through make-or-break moments of three great football players and how their lives changed. Shot by Mexican director Alejandro Inarritu, it got millions of web views in its first week and was a great promotion for both the FIFA 2010 World Cup and Nike.

Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy