“The Raider”:A Batmobile Design Based British Combat Vehicle

BAE Systems(a British Defense Company) have designed a concept combat vehicle whose design is based on Batman’s Batmobile from the film “Batman Begins” & “The Dark Knight”. The vehicle has been named “The Raider” and it would be ideal for for “small, highly agile autonomous reconnaissance” missions and as an “attack vehicle which can carry a variety of payloads.”

Does the British Army really think about getting a combat vehicle inspired by Batman????

The BAE design project leader Hisham Awad replied:

“In all seriousness, we decided that we didn’t have a monopoly on inspiration, and if we saw something in a film that we thought might be a good idea, why not take a look at it and see if there’s something practical we can develop. You see, it turns like a motorbike and it has the same wheel configuration.”

It has also been rumored that U.S. military is testing concept design tanks based on war machines found in Warhammer 40000. 😀

Via The Engineer